Two Lane Blacktop

from by Apart



"I guess I'll just keep on, until I reach the sea", or anyone, anywhere, anything.

We all mean nothing to someone but someone else always means less, we're all a little bit better than the one before and selfish enough to feel blessed. A few more promises for what's in store. Angry with empty words, women, the weight of the world.

It's another number on the clock, another mile, another night on this two lane blacktop. And my eyelids are begging my hands to stop, but I'll keep driving until I outrun god. It's on my shoulders now, I can see the light and the shade. The street lights that always look the same, the exit signs reflecting off of my face. Every cigarette igniting the pavement of the interstate...

Now I'm begging to drown in this escape, and I'd kill myself to be buried in your good grace. I've even tried a few times but could never to find the strength. Now these scars and nights in parked cars have claimed my name, and chained my veins.

I need the northeast cold, and the nights on my own
The salem skies and the skyline's moans
Your song in every street reminding me I'm still walking home alone...


from Gray Light, released June 5, 2012




Apart Greenville, South Carolina

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