Only Revolutions

by Apart

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Recorded in Baltimore with Michael York in early 2011.
Artwork was taken by Lukas Hodge during a flood in Greenville, SC in 2011.


released May 16, 2011



all rights reserved


Apart Greenville, South Carolina

Randall &
Justin &
Lukas &
Menz &


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Track Name: Make Not A Single Sound Amongst Saints
Only Revolutions, seem to keep me up through these nights, and it seems no resolution, can bring back my father's pride. So strong so proud, I watched a good man fall, I held his life in my hands, with my back against a wall.

We’re always falling, never reaching the bottom
And I’m reading myself to sleep, wading through these empty waters.
We are all children (sons and daughters)
And we never think to see fear on the face of our fathers
We never expect to cry (for our fathers.)

But I’ve spent so many nights, wishing things were still the same, that the word home, still had meaning

From an older chest I have raised my head.

I'll be your shoulders carrying this weight home.
Where ever that may be. I'll be your shoulders, I'll be your strength.

I'll be your shoulders, I'll be your strength.
Track Name: The Wild and Outraged Earth
We put our bags in the trunk and our hearts on our sleeves and set out to discover this miserable country. I stayed up nights with you in the passenger seat, and that sunset in new mexico was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

Your witness, your ghost.

We all turn into the people we hate, so I guess your son will be just like you one day. This is something that I hate to say, but I mean it and I feel it every day. Tie a rope around around my intentions...

I have only myself to turn to.

We are such tireless men, so slow and sad, the sweetest men to have ever been had. She said a man must partly give up being a man, I guess by now I understand.

Linger on, for what I've touched, I can not hold.
Track Name: A House of Many Windows
I can see you slipping away again.

All this time, I'd kill to say that I hope you're doing fine. I wish I cared enough to feel bad for pushing you out of my life. I wish I wasn't brought up to believe there was something inside, you taught me it was noble to leave everything behind.

I'll let you hold onto the hope that this is just some phase, but I will never let go of these days.

Blood means nothing when your heart runs dry on the ashes of the cities you've burned.

It's all tuxedos and bedroom suites. Bonsoir lune'. It's not tuxedos and bedroom suites, mon cherie.

I am the wheel, you are emptiness.

You are my emptiness.
Track Name: Now Call Down Your Dark and Your Cold, and be Damned
So bring your eyes up from the ground and let your feet bear the earth, place faith in something, reclaim your worth. We are not a leaf on a branch on a family tree. There's no spark, there's no seed, there's no unity.

So what's the point of singing this song, or even singing at all?

I hate this long nights and four walls. Barely four walls.
You gave me time and miles of sea.

There is no escape.

This is just the start of fighting in vain, salvation, finite, only for the dead. I fight for this, and know the end. These are only revolutions.

Pledge allegiance to the setting sun.

There is no holy spirit in my eyes, there's no escaping, just ghosts on all sides.